Hellooooooooo 2015!

A happy & healthy New Year to you! I wonder what 2015 is going to bring.

In the meantime I had that date with the positive psychologist. It was nice to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t know me that well. I got some new insights and I hope that will help me finding my way through all the job searching I’m busy with. At least I know myself a little better 🙂

Most of the days I’m busy finetuning my LinkedIn profile, resume, job applications and expanding and keeping up with my network. And a lot of soul searching. Next step: being more visible and present!


Blessing in disguise

Sunny Saturday afternoon… I decided to sit down and write a blog post after a reader told me she noticed that I haven’t blogged for a while. Sorry for that!

A lot has happened of course. Found and lost a job, I’m not active for Den Haag FM anymore and another voluntary adventure completely failed before it even started…Sometimes I’m amazed by the pace of these developments and how I’m still standing. I think it’s because of the energy I get by being busy. I try to stay in a positive flow and state of mind.

When in between jobs, you have plenty of time to do some research, especially on yourself. What are your passions, skills, life experience and so on. You also have more time to spend your life the way you want to, 24/7.

I had a great time at a networking drink…I even won a ‘date’ with a positive psychologist. Yay! Maybe he can help me with my search for the best job ever.10696355_343162412532740_2442125000482638716_n

Visuals, moodboard & magazines

A meeting last week made me think back about my teenage years. I was obsessed with and fascinated by visuals. I watched a lot of television and bought 2 magazines a week, namely the ‘Break Out!’ and ‘Hitkrant’, two youth magazines.

So last week brought me back to those early years and made me realise that I hardly look back. Maybe it’s wiser to do that more often. I know that I love to write and read magazines, but the detail about buying so many magazines I totally forgot. That habit just came to my mind while talking about magazines. And thinking about the past not only recalls sweet memories but is also useful for the person you are in the present.

In the search for my dream job, it is important to know what makes me happy and made me happy before. A fun way to do that is to visualise it by making a moodboard. They say it helps you point out your dreams and follow them. I already started searching for nice pictures, objects and visuals in magazines, but I still have to complete my moodboard.


I gained a lot of new insights during this network conversation. I have new actions to take and offers to make 😉 Still have to sort out things and really need to make a to do list, but I love being busy and it’s nice to have a focus!

Meeting new people, networking and attending gatherings

One thing is sure in the search for a job: you have to make use of your connections. Most of my connections know that I am looking for work, so once in a while I update them with the latest ins and outs. But they already know to spread the word about me.

So it is also important to invest in new connections to see if they can mean something. Lately I have been attending gatherings to network. It’s fun but a bit scary though to just talk to a total stranger knowing that you are here with a purpose. But I am getting used to it. And it is nice to experience that everyone I meet is so understanding and helpful. People know that it is hard to find work nowadays and are willing to help and think with me about possibilities.

I am not only take advantage of organised meetings to network. A birthday or housewarming is also a perfect moment to meet new people and tell my story. It is interesting how that is working out for me. For a start I have an appointment with somebody who has worked for years in the industry I want to work in. I am really grateful for the people who want to make time for me and are prepared to even listen to me.

The last conversation I had with someone from the field was amazing! It’s a great motivation to keep searching for the best. Often you are alone searching for a job, applying for vacancies and as result lose track of the world around you. It’s an eye-opening experience to brainstorm with someone about what you want, what you hope to find in a job but also what you need to get out of it!

The importance of your network

Networking seems to be the most effective way to get a job. And most of the time it’s not even your direct connections that can be of great value, but the second and third degree may be even more! You have to tell people that you are looking for a new challenge and they might pass it on.

This week I experienced the power of my network. An ex-colleague told me that his girlfriend found another job so her position came available. I immediately wrote a cover letter and sent my resume to the unemployment agency and landed a job interview! I was really motivated because it’s a job at an international media company. Media companies are young and dynamic and that’s what I really love about the media- and entertainment industry.

The job interview took place yesterday and an hour later I got to know that they were enthusiastic and wanted me to start the next day, which was today. The girlfriend of my ex-colleague trained me and I have learned the activities I have to perform. I have to edit the content for the on demand television channel of Film1.

It’s not a fulltime job so I still keep on searching for another job. But I gain some experience, meet new people and am in the right place. Who knows what it might be good for!