In my last post I told you about the Superhero Boostcamp. It was really inspirational and there were some speakers who told about their adventure, passions, dream and obstacles on the way to achieve that dream.

One of the speakers was Sander Roovers, founder of the platform Ygenwijs. Ygenwijs is about and for Generation Y, also known as Millennials or the Millennial Generation. If you are born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s you are seen as part of this Generation. Ygenwijs as a platform encourages to work out of passion and talent. Work has to be fun and doesn’t have to feel like an obligation. And salary is secondary. Work is about development and meaning.

It’s what I strive for as well so I could identify with these ideas. Plus, I was born in 1983.Pencil And now that I’m in between jobs I was looking for something I could do…voluntary. So I decided to write a motivation to Ygenwijs. I was interested in one of the open positions, namely final editor. And then it went fast! Within 1,5 week I was working as editor! They really appreciate my contribution. The crew has welcomed me many times! It’s great to feel appreciated. It motivates and gives positive energy. I hope this positive energy helps to guide my way to that dream job!