Perfect Stranger                                                                                         30 June, 2012

It is not unusual for me to be approached by someone. Mostly people/tourists ask for help to find the right direction or to buy a ticket. But once in a while someone crosses my path and leaves a big impression. There is an inexplicable click right from the second you meet. It happened to me during a flight back from Sri Lanka, at my previous work in Rotterdam and yesterday on the 23:44 train from Utrecht to The Hague.

There was this guy who already caught my eye on the platform but furthermore nothing extraordinary occurred. After I boarded and sat down playing with my phone, he walked towards me and sat right down in front of me. Ok, nothing funny yet until he made a comment about my Pussy Deluxe bag that broke the ice. At first I was a little irritated because my phone wouldn’t connect to the Internet and I had a very long day, but my mood quickly disappeared. He seemed very interested, I still don’t know why, but we had a very nice chat. We spoke on a variety of subjects. Time flew by because we have talked all the way to The Hague.

It was fun talking to him so I didn’t know how to say goodbye when we arrived at The Hague Central Station. We have shaken hands and said that it was nice meeting each other. The only thing is, I didn’t get to know his personal information, not even his name or age. We both didn’t ask. So now I keep wondering if that is a normal thing or am I just silly? 😀 After last night I promised myself; from now on I will ask people’s name first!


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