Women vs men                                                                                              July 1, 2012

It is exactly one year ago that I started working as Young Professional for Sogeti, my former employer. Although I only worked here for 8 months, I can say I had a blast! I have met 17 crazy fellow young professionals with whom I was sent to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio for a 3 week Business Course. Besides all the hard work we had to undergo, we had a lot of fun and good talks. Everyone was a personality on it’s own and got a nickname during this 3 week period.

The most interesting topic off course was the difference between men and women. The group consisted of 4 girls and 14 boys. The most valued lesson of this trip for me was probably that you can’t trust anyone but yourself. It might sound heavy but it’s not meant that way. But I got to know a different side of guys and some of the boys opened my eyes and told/showed me that nothing is what it seems and that looks can be deceiving (that one I already knew but was painfully made clear this time).

Last Friday I had a small reunion with 4 boys of the Ohio group and my behavior with guys was pointed out again. For me it has always been natural to act out of feelings and meanings. I have a long-term friendship with a guy and people always question whether or not has there lust been involved. NO! We know the worth of our friendship and we will not ruin that for the sake of lust, which, in my opinion, is only temporarily. The same goes for the friendship with my ex boyfriend. Exactly, we are friends now, nothing more and nothing less.

Maybe I’m challenging the guys I know but at least I make them think about the relation between men and women. I know, you can have sex with everyone but that deeper meaning of a relation- or friendship means so much more, at least to me.

Dedicated to my best friend! We know each other 10 years this summer 😀


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