Personal 4 S’

I think every woman’s personality has different aspects, but one characteristic might be emphasized and give a woman a certain image. ‘Sex and the City’ is a great example to describe this. Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda represent different types of women. I personally see Carrie as sexy, Charlotte as sweet, Samantha as sassy and Miranda as smart. But they all possess some of the other characteristics.

These 4 different characteristics can also be found in my life. Most of the people say I’m sweet at first sight. Yes true, at first sight, because when you spend more time with me you get to know the multiple sides of my personality.

By reading my blog you get to know how and when I think I’m sweet, sexy, smart and sassy. The first blog of each characteristic can be found under the 4 Personal S’, the next stories will be posted in the categories Sassy, Sexy, Smart and Sweet.



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