Before the weekend I travelled by train to Amsterdam and read the newspapers Sp!ts and Metro. Lately they leave some space on the front page for #happylines. People can write down a thought or wish for the next reader. The thought behind this idea is to make each other happy or even to increase the level of happiness. This is what I wrote down…HappyLine

Translation: Have a nice weekend! Count your blessings and pay attention to the people you love. Enjoy!


Security Guy

I never thought or expected that I would hear anything from the security guy of the tram, but guess what?! He has read my blog. Last week I received a WhatsApp text message with ‘Hello Train Girl’. And now we are texting back and forth. It’s funny because we work at the same unusual times, so he’s awake when I have a late shift 😀 I do know his full name now, but it took some time 😉


Tram Girl

These days I’m travelling more by tram than by train. When I have to work the last shift, I take the tram instead of my bike. Always when I’m tired after work or not looking my best, people start talking to me. Why is that?! This time I had a conversation with the conductor/security guy all the way home. Of course he was asking where I came from this late. So we talked about work and I told him that I write a lot and blog about the things I experience in my day-to-day life. Suddenly he asked: “So what we are experiencing just now I can also read on your blog?” I was a bit flabbergasted since I didn’t tell anything about Train Girl or something. But he was really interested and wanted to know where he could find my blog so I gave him my business card. I wonder if he will read this post!

P.S. For the people who are questioning rather I have learned anything this past year…Nope! I don’t know his name 😀