Christina Aguilera – Lotus

Recently I’m thinking about the time when the release of a new cd was a big event! Artists appeared on TRL (Total Request Live), MTV New York. Specials were broadcasted and live performances, interviews and press conferences took place. Even in the Netherlands the release of a cd came with attention. You received a present by the purchase of an album. I still have a Backstreet Boys towel and a life size poster of Britney Spears. So I was a bit in shock after visiting a store last week…they didn’t have Christina Aguilera’s new album ‘Lotus’ after the official release date!

I follow Christina since 1999. She is an artist that takes the time to record a new album and knows how to deliver. She reinvents herself through her music that represents different eras. ‘Christina Aguilera’ (1999), ‘Stripped’ (2002), ‘Back To Basics’ (2006), ‘Bionic’ (2010) and ‘Lotus’ (2012) all show a new style.

Christina teamed up for the first time with producer Max Martin for her newest album. He produced the single ‘Your Body’ as well as the song ‘Let There Be Love’. The cd contains also two duets with her co-stars of television show ‘The Voice’, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.

I have heard the album once now, but without giving it the attention it deserves. Tonight I’m going to play it again, this time I’ll pay full attention. All I know is: Christina never disappoints! 😀


Blaque (Ivory)

The news about the death of Natina Reed reached me last weekend. Natina Reed is known for being a member of the girl group Blaque aka ‘Blaque Ivory’. Blaque broke through in the Netherlands with the song ‘Bring It All To Me’.

It made me think about the group. I have bought their album ‘Blaque’ when I was a teenager back in the ‘90’s and I have the single ‘I Do’ as well. With my passion for music, dance and media I saw the girls everywhere! They had a role in the cheerleading movie ‘Bring It On’ and the song ‘As If’ can be found on the soundtrack. Blaque’s ‘I’m Good’ is part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Honey’.

But the news also reminded me of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, part of the girl group TLC. She died, just as Natina, in an accident. Lisa signed Blaque to her production company. She also appeared in the music video for the singles ‘808’ and ‘I Do’, one of my favorite music videos back then…

Dance with & sing for Britney Spears

If you haven’t mentioned it yet, Britney Spears is taking over control! I predict that she will get much media attention this week with the release of the long awaited Twister commercial & music video, directed by Ray Kay. Britney’s hit ‘Till The World Ends’ is featured in the video. The commercial is for the Twister Dance edition of the famous game Twister, known for the colored spots. You can watch the commercial here!

And off course, not to forget, the first episode of “The X Factor” will air this Wednesday, 12th of September! Britney is one of the judges. Together with Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell she forms the judging panel of the tv-show!


Yes! I finally received ‘Believe’, the newest album of Justin Bieber. It got delivered to my old address so it has taken more than two months to reach me…

I love music and still prefer hard copy material to digital songs. The excitement of discovering new music while reading the booklet with lyrics, thank you’s and pictures makes me so happy! With the disappearance of the music channel TMF in the Netherlands and MTV focusing on television series, it’s the only thing that’s left that you can really have.

Justin Bieber is an all round entertainer. He can literally do anything: he sings, dances, plays several instruments and writes music! In addition, he is really sweet to his fans and even takes the time to visit them. I watched some interviews of him and he’s funny too! And as far as I can see, he is down to earth. I think he really deserves all the success he has.

I find ‘Believe’ a good sounding record. Justin sounds more mature and has worked with some pretty amazing producers, such as Max Martin and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. The songs featuring other artist, like Nicki Minaj also sound catchy. I do understand why Justin’s music videos have been watched billions of times on YouTube. He is one good-looking boy 😉

He just released the music video for his new track ‘As Long As You Love Me’ featuring Big Sean, which you can watch here! You can find me listening to ‘Believe’ all day 😀

Backstreet Boys’ Big Breaking News

My favorite band announced their new album today! Yay! The cd will be released spring 2013.

The album will include the voice of Kevin Richardson, the eldest member of the band who announced his departure back in june 2006. The other boys, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough recorded ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘This Is Us’ without Kevin, but last april the band announced his return. They have been busy recording new songs and still are working on material for this new album.

The Backstreet Boys have come a long way. 2013 will mark their 20th anniversary and the release of the new album will probably coincide with this birthday. I still remember buying the first album ‘Backstreet Boys’ in the summer of 1996, even before they became famous in the US. My cd collection includes all the Backstreet Boys albums and I can’t wait to hear their new sound next year!