Blessing in disguise

Sunny Saturday afternoon… I decided to sit down and write a blog post after a reader told me she noticed that I haven’t blogged for a while. Sorry for that!

A lot has happened of course. Found and lost a job, I’m not active for Den Haag FM anymore and another voluntary adventure completely failed before it even started…Sometimes I’m amazed by the pace of these developments and how I’m still standing. I think it’s because of the energy I get by being busy. I try to stay in a positive flow and state of mind.

When in between jobs, you have plenty of time to do some research, especially on yourself. What are your passions, skills, life experience and so on. You also have more time to spend your life the way you want to, 24/7.

I had a great time at a networking drink…I even won a ‘date’ with a positive psychologist. Yay! Maybe he can help me with my search for the best job ever.10696355_343162412532740_2442125000482638716_n



The fact that I don’t write that much here, doesn’t mean I’m not busy 😉 Unfortunately I received some sad news at the end of March. Modelprofile would stop with the magazine part of the website, so that meant that I could not write for them anymore. Too bad, cause I really liked visiting events and writing reports. But now I have more time to spend on my project for Den Haag FM. We have some problems with the start up…time will tell how that is going to work out.

And I have to start searching for a job, again! It never stops…It’s not sure when my contract will end, but better save than sorry. I really hope there are some interesting vacancies out there!

I love that the weather is changing. Spring is slowly turning into summer. So as for today, I’m going to enjoy the sunshine! Have a nice weekend.


Before the weekend I travelled by train to Amsterdam and read the newspapers Sp!ts and Metro. Lately they leave some space on the front page for #happylines. People can write down a thought or wish for the next reader. The thought behind this idea is to make each other happy or even to increase the level of happiness. This is what I wrote down…HappyLine

Translation: Have a nice weekend! Count your blessings and pay attention to the people you love. Enjoy!

Tram Girl

These days I’m travelling more by tram than by train. When I have to work the last shift, I take the tram instead of my bike. Always when I’m tired after work or not looking my best, people start talking to me. Why is that?! This time I had a conversation with the conductor/security guy all the way home. Of course he was asking where I came from this late. So we talked about work and I told him that I write a lot and blog about the things I experience in my day-to-day life. Suddenly he asked: “So what we are experiencing just now I can also read on your blog?” I was a bit flabbergasted since I didn’t tell anything about Train Girl or something. But he was really interested and wanted to know where he could find my blog so I gave him my business card. I wonder if he will read this post!

P.S. For the people who are questioning rather I have learned anything this past year…Nope! I don’t know his name 😀