Global Media Monitoring Project 2015

Yesterday I participated in the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP). GMMP is an initiative of ‘Who makes the news’, a knowledge, information and resource portal on gender and the media. GMMP studies gender in the news.

Every five years since 1995 a GMMP takes place. On March 25th volunteers in 144 countries around the world gathered together to research national newspapers, television, radio and internet news broadcasts. Goal is to measure the balance of men and women in the news: how many times, in what role, their function and the subjects talked about.

So I travelled to Hogeschool Utrecht and found the classroom I had to be at the faculty of Journalism. I felt a student again! Such a long time ago that I went to college…We were with 25 people and one of them was an older man. At least tonight we were well represented.


After the introduction and instructions we started to collect the data. I researched national newspaper Metro. Till then I didn’t realize the overwhelming portrayal of men in the news. When I worked at ANP, the news agency in the Netherlands, I never paid attention if the portrayal of men and women was balanced. Little did I know…But the gap is enormous!

We researched 7 national newspapers, 4 new websites, 2 television news broadcasts and 2 radio news broadcasts. Of the 346 persons who appeared in the news (and the gender was known), 273 were male and 73 were female. So men still dominate the news. After collecting the results a press release was written and spread. You can read the press release here.

A lot of pictures were made and someone included a picture of me in her blog. She wrote about the astonishing results and the discussions we had afterwards.

I was shocked about the fact that men are dominating the news. 79 percent of the people in the news are male. The difference is unacceptable. I think it’s time for change!


Social media frenzy

Me being at home a lot these days, causes spending much time behind my laptop. I am searching for job openings and networking, having Facebook open all the time. Some day I noticed that Facebook specifically is a major distraction for me during my job hunt. I kept checking it….friends posting all kinds of links, pictures and updates with comments. Facebook is this indescribable addiction of wanting to stay up to date. It’s almost exhausting! So I decided to join the experiment ’99 Days of Freedom’.

I hope the time off of Facebook will give me back my focus on the things I have and want to do and get more productive. Besides that I to have more time to do things I love and spend time with friends. As for the experiment, which is for most people a challenge of course…is an online study on how life without Facebook impacts user happiness.

To complete participation you needed to change your profile picture, which I did. I have a personal count down as well.

So far, I am Facebook-less for more than 27 hours and it’s going pretty well! 😀



Burlesque in New York

New York, also known as the city that never sleeps. As a dance fan, it was great to find out that it is easy to take a dance class at the New York School of Burlesque. You can join a single class or subscribe for a month. You will learn a choreography and The New York School of Burlesque offers the opportunity to perform this in front of a live audience! Unfortunately I didn’t stay that long…

It was nice to experience a dance class in New York. I decided to join the class ‘Flirting with Burlesque‘. First I had to figure out where to go, but that was pretty easy. Just a 10 minute walk. I ended up at a studio complex, the 440 Studios.

The class started with a very long warming up and stretching. After 30 minutes we continued with an exercise of cat walking on high heels and making weird faces. That’s the fun part of Burlesque: anything is possible! Right after that we focused on the choreography. It was a loose one with lots of room for improvisation. I enjoyed experimenting with different expressions! Taking on roles and faces.

I also received a tip where to buy dance shoes especially for Burlesque dancing. So I went to the store but didn’t succeed to find fitting shoes. I’m determined to continue my search in the Netherlands!

Energy level

I’m really enjoying my time. I can’t believe what a difference structure causes. I got warned earlier, but I kept going on and on. Now I realise its immense effect. The energy starts flowing again!

Sunday was all about dance. I even danced in the rain during a workshop at the Spui square in The Hague. I have watched the performances of some amazing dancers and dance acts as well.

And when you keep your eyes open, opportunities are all over the place! I probably will get some great exposure next week. One of Netherlands biggest newspapers, the AD, is going to produce a special around the opening day of Dutch parliament. They want to show the job seeking population, give them a face and voice. I answered 5 questions and had a small photo shoot. Can’t wait to see what they have created with the 100 participants they searched for!