In my last post I told you about the Superhero Boostcamp. It was really inspirational and there were some speakers who told about their adventure, passions, dream and obstacles on the way to achieve that dream.

One of the speakers was Sander Roovers, founder of the platform Ygenwijs. Ygenwijs is about and for Generation Y, also known as Millennials or the Millennial Generation. If you are born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s you are seen as part of this Generation. Ygenwijs as a platform encourages to work out of passion and talent. Work has to be fun and doesn’t have to feel like an obligation. And salary is secondary. Work is about development and meaning.

It’s what I strive for as well so I could identify with these ideas. Plus, I was born in 1983.Pencil And now that I’m in between jobs I was looking for something I could do…voluntary. So I decided to write a motivation to Ygenwijs. I was interested in one of the open positions, namely final editor. And then it went fast! Within 1,5 week I was working as editor! They really appreciate my contribution. The crew has welcomed me many times! It’s great to feel appreciated. It motivates and gives positive energy. I hope this positive energy helps to guide my way to that dream job!


Hellooooooooo 2015!

A happy & healthy New Year to you! I wonder what 2015 is going to bring.

In the meantime I had that date with the positive psychologist. It was nice to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t know me that well. I got some new insights and I hope that will help me finding my way through all the job searching I’m busy with. At least I know myself a little better 🙂

Most of the days I’m busy finetuning my LinkedIn profile, resume, job applications and expanding and keeping up with my network. And a lot of soul searching. Next step: being more visible and present!

On the radio

I can proudly announce that I had my radio debut 2 weeks ago! Mid may I had a meeting with the station manager of Den Haag FM. He had found two other volunteers and wanted to start within 3 weeks! I almost had given up hope that Nieuwslicht (News Light) would ever see the light 😉 I will be presenting twice a month.

Being on air was a bit scary at first, but I start to feel more comfortable. The program focuses on news of the last week and we have a guest in the studio to interview.

It’s good to be busy. I will be unemployed again in two weeks. Then I have the time to improve my interviewing skills!

Listen on saturday morning between 10am-12am to Den Haag FM Logo

Security Guy

I never thought or expected that I would hear anything from the security guy of the tram, but guess what?! He has read my blog. Last week I received a WhatsApp text message with ‘Hello Train Girl’. And now we are texting back and forth. It’s funny because we work at the same unusual times, so he’s awake when I have a late shift 😀 I do know his full name now, but it took some time 😉


UnderCOVER at the National Cover Day

Since I got to know a great connection in the magazine industry, I have had the chance to attend some major events. The National Cover Day took place on Thursday at DeFabrique in Utrecht and I was able to get free access!Coverdag

The National Cover Day is a day organised to present the best cover makers of the world. There were speakers from all around the world including Rodrigo Sánchez from Spain and D.W. Pine from the US, the design director of TIME, and Karin Swerink of Vogue Netherlands.

I had to be present before the first guests would arrive. The deal was that I would help at the registration desk and welcome the speakers and visitors. After that I could join the presentations and be amazed by all the covers they showed. It was really breathtaking. So much time, effort and creativity is put in creating these great covers. It was such an inspiration.

Of course there was an overload of magazines available to put together your own goodie bag. New material to make more mood- and inspiration boards that will help me set my goals. This day gave me the energy and the courage to follow my own plan! Can’t wait to see what will happen 😀