Hema blog academy event & goodiebag fun

Wednesday was all about goodies! It all started in the afternoon. I attended the Hema blog academy event at the HQ of Hema in Amsterdam. I enjoyed my short trip to Amsterdam…really miss that city sometimes.

The event organized by Hema was meant to inform 1000 bloggers about their chance to blog for and about Hema…for free! The pro’s for us as ‘future’ Hema bloggers…that didn’t become really clear during the afternoon. Except for discount, the privileges when you achieve to become part of the professional Hema bloggers and the huge amount of readers they say they have each month.

But before that will happen, you have to survive a screening by the professional team who is going to review all our blogs before they, and if they think it’s appropriate for Hema, decide to publish it! They do give feedback and training, but I guess that will be to adjust our writing style to that of Hema.

I still don’t know what to do. I think they should have thought a little longer about who to invite and the program of this event. There were a lot of experienced bloggers in the audience and the speakers on behalf of the Hema weren’t that professional in answering some basic questions about blogging! But it was fun to see what the headquarters of Hema looks like. And we got some scoops! And most of all, we got a goodiebag filled with Hema stuff 😀

After the blog event I had to rush back to The Hague to be present for the only display of the movie ‘De Overgave’. Den Haag FM made it possible so I got free tickets. Afterwards there was a Q&A with the director and the main character. It was nice that I had to chance to see the movie and have my own opinion about it, but for most of the people it was a bit of a disappointment. At least I got a goodiebag out of it!


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