Entertainment journalist on the radio

Although I left the radio program ‘Nieuwslicht’ on Den Haag FM, I didn’t stop trying new things for the station. The last few weeks I co-hosted Haagse Avondradio on Sunday nights from 18-21 PM. The show consists of a variety of elements, like ‘today in history’ (what happened on this particular date back in history), news from The Hague, remarkable news, showbizz news and of course a lot of music.

The program is more open to improvisation than ‘Nieuwslicht’ and is completely different in focus. That’s why I can use my knowledge about music, entertainment and artists.

I heard my own voice back for the first time this week. The station manager already told me that I have a great voice for radio but I still had to listen to it myself. At first it was really weird to hear my own voice on audio because it’s quiet different from what I hear myself. But once I got comfortable with it I think it sounded pretty cool! Plus it’s a good way to improve myself. I know some things I have to do better and have to work on that but at least now I know!

You can listen to a short fragment from the show below. I talked about Miley Cyrus, her image, collaborations and her concert at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.


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