Social media frenzy

Me being at home a lot these days, causes spending much time behind my laptop. I am searching for job openings and networking, having Facebook open all the time. Some day I noticed that Facebook specifically is a major distraction for me during my job hunt. I kept checking it….friends posting all kinds of links, pictures and updates with comments. Facebook is this indescribable addiction of wanting to stay up to date. It’s almost exhausting! So I decided to join the experiment ’99 Days of Freedom’.

I hope the time off of Facebook will give me back my focus on the things I have and want to do and get more productive. Besides that I to have more time to do things I love and spend time with friends. As for the experiment, which is for most people a challenge of course…is an online study on how life without Facebook impacts user happiness.

To complete participation you needed to change your profile picture, which I did. I have a personal count down as well.

So far, I am Facebook-less for more than 27 hours and it’s going pretty well! 😀




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