Burlesque in New York

New York, also known as the city that never sleeps. As a dance fan, it was great to find out that it is easy to take a dance class at the New York School of Burlesque. You can join a single class or subscribe for a month. You will learn a choreography and The New York School of Burlesque offers the opportunity to perform this in front of a live audience! Unfortunately I didn’t stay that long…

It was nice to experience a dance class in New York. I decided to join the class ‘Flirting with Burlesque‘. First I had to figure out where to go, but that was pretty easy. Just a 10 minute walk. I ended up at a studio complex, the 440 Studios.

The class started with a very long warming up and stretching. After 30 minutes we continued with an exercise of cat walking on high heels and making weird faces. That’s the fun part of Burlesque: anything is possible! Right after that we focused on the choreography. It was a loose one with lots of room for improvisation. I enjoyed experimenting with different expressions! Taking on roles and faces.

I also received a tip where to buy dance shoes especially for Burlesque dancing. So I went to the store but didn’t succeed to find fitting shoes. I’m determined to continue my search in the Netherlands!


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