Sanoma Media Parade

One week ago I have attended the Sanoma Media Parade. Sanoma is mostly known as publisher of a wide range of magazines. But that’s not the only media market Sanoma covers. The company is also active in the television scene, events, customer media, e-commerce, websites and apps!

So each year Sanoma organizes Sanoma Media Parade. The event is meant to give an exclusive look into the latest media developments regarding online, mobile, print, events and television. There were sessions, workshops and presentations spread over three days. For me, as a media junkie, it was a perfect chance to gain new knowledge. To get access to this interesting event I had to pretend that I was a student journalism…and I got in! 😉

I picked Wednesday to go to Hoofddorp, home of Sanoma. I had to compose a program for the day online. I wanted to have the ultimate experience and had a really tight schedule. But it was worth it! All the different stories of employees, guest speakers and managers gave me so much energy! I did learn a lot, especially about the making of a magazine. And last but not least, I got a goodie bag filled with magazines! I was a pretty happy lady!Goodie Bag



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