Fun, fashion & friends

It has been a long time since I had the chance to dance. So I immediately replied to an email with the question if I wanted to help making a promotional dance video. The video will be used to attract participants for a boot camp that will be organized by Holland Dance later in April.

A choreographer was there to accompany us. He gave us small assignments and everything was caught on tape. This was the downside of the afternoon, because I have no idea how I look on film while I’m improvising. I’m really curious about the edited promo! I was told they would release the video after Easter. But it definitely was fun to run around like crazy and just be able to…move! I had my ‘sexy’ dance clothes with me but decided to wear my sport trousers since everybody was dressed in, well, very covering clothes 😉

Speaking about clothes. I got an invitation for a sample sale. Twice a year I mark my agenda for this sale. Unfortunately my favorite fashion brand ‘Pussy Deluxe’ wasn’t on the sales list anymore but that didn’t stop me from going. I scored a beautiful pair of sneakers! The shoes are from the women’s line of Quiksilver, ROXY, and are grey coloured with pink accents.

Besides working, dancing and shopping, there’s always time to catch up with friends. Most of my friends are slightly eccentric, but that makes it more interesting and fun! I love to spend time with them and just act silly. They are much appreciated since life can be harsh sometimes. So thank you all for sticking with me! 😀


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