Visuals, moodboard & magazines

A meeting last week made me think back about my teenage years. I was obsessed with and fascinated by visuals. I watched a lot of television and bought 2 magazines a week, namely the ‘Break Out!’ and ‘Hitkrant’, two youth magazines.

So last week brought me back to those early years and made me realise that I hardly look back. Maybe it’s wiser to do that more often. I know that I love to write and read magazines, but the detail about buying so many magazines I totally forgot. That habit just came to my mind while talking about magazines. And thinking about the past not only recalls sweet memories but is also useful for the person you are in the present.

In the search for my dream job, it is important to know what makes me happy and made me happy before. A fun way to do that is to visualise it by making a moodboard. They say it helps you point out your dreams and follow them. I already started searching for nice pictures, objects and visuals in magazines, but I still have to complete my moodboard.


I gained a lot of new insights during this network conversation. I have new actions to take and offers to make 😉 Still have to sort out things and really need to make a to do list, but I love being busy and it’s nice to have a focus!


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