Meeting new people, networking and attending gatherings

One thing is sure in the search for a job: you have to make use of your connections. Most of my connections know that I am looking for work, so once in a while I update them with the latest ins and outs. But they already know to spread the word about me.

So it is also important to invest in new connections to see if they can mean something. Lately I have been attending gatherings to network. It’s fun but a bit scary though to just talk to a total stranger knowing that you are here with a purpose. But I am getting used to it. And it is nice to experience that everyone I meet is so understanding and helpful. People know that it is hard to find work nowadays and are willing to help and think with me about possibilities.

I am not only take advantage of organised meetings to network. A birthday or housewarming is also a perfect moment to meet new people and tell my story. It is interesting how that is working out for me. For a start I have an appointment with somebody who has worked for years in the industry I want to work in. I am really grateful for the people who want to make time for me and are prepared to even listen to me.

The last conversation I had with someone from the field was amazing! It’s a great motivation to keep searching for the best. Often you are alone searching for a job, applying for vacancies and as result lose track of the world around you. It’s an eye-opening experience to brainstorm with someone about what you want, what you hope to find in a job but also what you need to get out of it!


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