Being recognized from television

The most fun thing happened last week. I have paid a visit to the coiffeur since a very long time. So we had a little chat and when she finished my new hairdo she asked me if I have ever appeared on television. Well yes, I have been on several times during my life. She continued asking me if I was had been on TV West. Yeah, I did something there. And then she went all loose. “Ohhh, it was you there looking for a guy!” Oh no, I had been hoping no one would see me during the program I appeared in. My hopes were high because the program was broadcasted early morning. But she found it a very sweet and nice gesture and asked if I had found him. Nope, unfortunately not.

I was kind of surprised she recognized me back then. I was even more surprised she still could remember it at all because 8 months have passed since that broadcast.

The search for the guy I met in the train was the start of my Train Girl project that I initiated to increase the interaction between people during a journey by train. Here you can check out the whole idea and actions behind Train Girl. Although I didn’t find the guy, at least I had a lot of fun and valuable experiences. And I wouldn’t change that for anything!



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