Happy birthday, the big Three-O!

Yesterday, the 9th of February, was my 30th B-day! It was a quiet but busy and fun day. My birthday coincided with the Chinese New Year and carnaval this year, that’s why I have decided to celebrate my birthday at a later moment.

Despite all these festivities, I had a great birthday! A friend came over the evening before and stayed the night. I love that because it’s nicer to have some company when the clock strikes 12 at night. The next morning the second friend arrived and after spending some time I went to the center of The Hague to have lunch and celebrate Chinese New Year with my best friend.

Right now it’s wintertime here in the Netherlands. So the weather had a special surprise for my birthday…it began to snow! I really love it. I even had to cycle back to my place in a snow shower! 😀

Another friend came over in the afternoon to stay till the next day. We had dinner, had a lot of catching up to do, watched bloopers of ‘Friends’ so had a good laugh, and went to the movies! Today we walked down the beach, it was such a beautiful sunny day.

It was definitely a great weekend to celebrate my birthday. It marks a new start, a new year and a new decade. I’m determined to make the most of it!


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