CaDance Festival The Hague

From the 24th of January untill the 9th of february The Hague is the centre of the dance scene because of the 16th edition of the Cadance Festival. Since I’m volunteering for ‘Club Movers ’n Shakers’ as head of the film crew, I was able to take part in a workshop!

During three consecutive weekends I got the chance to learn the ins and outs of shots, filming, editing and I had free access to a performance. It was good that I went through all the material since it has been a long time that I have learned all the theory about filmmaking.

I posted an advertisement on a well-known website by filmmakers in the Netherlands so that people who were interested in the workshop could participate. With two others and a ‘teacher’ we have interviewed choreographer Ann van den Broek and got access to the final rehearsal of her performance of ‘Kamepa’, performed by 7 Russian dancers. It was such an honor to be backstage and have a little taste of the atmospere during practice.

So after spotting all the footage, we’ve been editing this short report. In just a few hours we were able to finish this movie, which you can watch here! 😀


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