Dream job journey & Train Girl

Till the 21th of January I joined the dream job journey. The end of the trip was marked by a show in the DeLaMar theatre in Amsterdam. Through the Facebook-page of the journey I got to know new people and some of them are really enthusiastic about Train Girl.

One woman wanted to have dinner before the show to get to know each other. She was impressed by Train Girl and was willing to even buy a couple of buttons! At first I wanted to give them for free, but after she asked me what it costs to make them, she gave me money for it! I couldn’t refuse…One other woman joined our dinner and asked what my business model is…what business model?

It did make me think if I could or would have to write a plan. But I’m not sure. I love the way to see what happens and where it will lead. But the woman that bought the buttons was convinced that Train Girl would become pretty big…At least she did some promotion for me! 😀

This whole journey forced me to think about what I really want and who I really am. I didn’t have the time to do all the assignments but I definitely will in the future!


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