Have you ever experienced something that you questioned afterwards why it happened at that time and/or that exact place? I saw and met people in the past week for the first, second or third time.

I have studied in Amsterdam and last week I saw one of my fellow students in The Hague. It’s weird to see her there, although I know she works in the city, cause I still associate her with Amsterdam and my friends over there. She was out of the original setting.

Then, on Thursday I had that appointment with a career coach. While I was checking her contact information just hours before our meeting, I realized that I recognized her face and I was like ‘Where have I seen her before?’. Right, back at the end of june, to be exact on the 29th of june, in Utrecht during a LinkedIn event. The first thing we said when we sat down to talk about my MBTI profile, we mentioned that we had seen each other before 😀

The 29th of june is still memorable since that caused my whole Train Girl project. So I was cycling to a friend of mine who just has moved to The Hague. I was determined to not take the route through the forest because it was already dark…Now I headed in the direction of her via the Train Girl neighborhood. I noticed that it was really quiet on the streets. No one was cycling. Pretty strange in my opinion! But when I arrived at that particular street were I made so many memories regarding Train Girl, I saw someone standing outside with a bicycle. It was hard to see in the dark but when I recognized who it was, I stopped immediately. It was the guy who I met during my search for the guy I met in the train!

We chatted for a minute or so and I said that it was such a coincidence that each time I’m in this neighborhood, he’s standing outside (now for the third time…read the first and second time). He explained that he lives there. Well, I don’t know but normally I don’t see people each time I pass their house 😀 He thanked me for the Christmas card, yay! I told him that I recently moved and didn’t come cycling all the way from Leidschendam 😉 I was in a rush and told him that I would talk to him later. It was a bit harsh because he forgot his key and couldn’t enter the building he’s living in!…

So what are the chances? Are these encounters regular or is there a deeper meaning that I have to find out?


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