Looking back at 2012

2012 has been one heck of a year. I have experienced so much I don’t even know where to start. I think I can honestly say that it was a year filled with many losses…loved ones, a job, my lovely car, and my own place to live. But I can tell, all these things taught me a lot as well. For example, I have learned to stay true to myself. Life is short, why waste it with things you don’t need or do things you don’t want to.

To stay positive and keep the faith and believe that everything would get better (it couldn’t get any worse 😉 ) I started creating my own initiatives to stay busy and connected to ‘society’. I also decided to spend more time volunteering.

These new activities gave me so much energy! I began blogging and the initiatives Young & Driven and Train Girl brought me so much. I got many new valuable connections on LinkedIn and made new friends. Young & Driven was found by media since unemployment under recent graduates is pretty high and Train Girl is still such a fun project. It was just an experiment and ended up as a nice initiative appreciated by, for me, enough people to carry on with it. I met new people and it opened my eyes. The smallest gesture can make a big difference!

And I don’t know what happened but now, at the end of 2012, everything seems to turn out OK! I have recently found a job and I’m busy moving! 😀 So for me 2012 couldn’t have a better ending!

I wish you all a happy & healthy 2013! May all your wishes come true…


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