Train Girl related updates

Last week I received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. It was from a guy and he included a message in the invitation. He wrote that he was very enthusiastic about the Train Girl initiative! I replied to him that he just had to let me know if he wanted to join. And so he did, he would do anything to help. That’s why I have sent him a Train Guy button 😀

On Thursday I made a small trip to The Hague with a friend. On our way back we drove through the ‘Train Girl neighborhood’ as I call it 😉 It reminded me of the guy I got to know there and was wondering how it was going now with Christmas and New Year coming up. So I decided to send him a Christmas card to let him know that at least somebody is thinking about him since he doesn’t have a lot of people around to take care of him.

Today I checked if my article about Train Girl was still published on the MSN website. Yes it was and to my surprise it was shared 18 times on Facebook. If it is true, that means that more and more people are getting to know about the initiative! Which is really great!


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