MSN-editor for one day

A couple of weeks ago an ad was brought to my attention. The advertisement appeared at the moment I logged out of my hotmail account. It announced a contest organized by MSN. The prize would be the opportunity to have a look at the Microsoft office and be the editor of the Dutch MSN page on the special date 12-12-2012. Interesting I thought…so I joined the competition!

I never expected to actually win, but I did. Well, I wasn’t the only one. Together with 3 other people I got the chance to visit Microsoft at Schiphol, Amsterdam. Also, we were allowed to bring a +1 off course. I was really happy that I could bring some company since it was much needed and appreciated! My friend and me were the eldest participants and I was the eldest of all, including the employees that accompanied us.

We got a small tour through the building. The interior was really modern. The design of the furniture was tight and playful. I think I can spend hours in that building. They also have all kinds of devices, like the Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect.

But the main reason we were invited was to be an editor of the MSN-page. We had the chance to write an article about anything we wanted. I didn’t have to think long about the subject of my post. I decided to use this occasion to promote Train Girl. I could reach a lot of people through the page, at least I thought. The final article can be read here (in Dutch).

I think my expectations were a little too high, but I had a fun day and am glad that I got the opportunity to see Microsoft from the inside 😉 And last but not least, we got a well-filled goodiebag! 😀


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