Pink coloured week

Last week was a pink one! I had all kind of activities that had to do with the colour pink. I volunteer for the development organisation Plan and the logo is pink. We had arranged that we could attend the Ladies Night, a special night for ladies only, at Pathé (the cinema) in The Hague. We were there to give and share information. A pen, a flyer, information booklet and a pink ribbon were put in the goodiebag of the night. The goodiebag is a tradition during the Ladies Night of Pathé. All the visitors get a goodiebag! 😀

The next evening was all about dance! I did some promotion for the Club Movers ’n Shakers, the youth club of Holland Dance, before and after the ‘Bang! Crash Tap!’ performance by the Raw Dance Company in Lucent Danstheater, The Hague. I was there to spread flyers and talk to the youth that came to the performance. Small pink handmirrors were used as promotion to attract extra attention of the visitors.

As for Train Girl…a friend mentioned it on Facebook in a discussion about an other initiative, but that wasn’t really appreciated. Therefor I took some other steps. I will come back to that later! But I can tell you now that I have new buttons made which are waiting for their new owners! 😉


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