Christina Aguilera – Lotus

Recently I’m thinking about the time when the release of a new cd was a big event! Artists appeared on TRL (Total Request Live), MTV New York. Specials were broadcasted and live performances, interviews and press conferences took place. Even in the Netherlands the release of a cd came with attention. You received a present by the purchase of an album. I still have a Backstreet Boys towel and a life size poster of Britney Spears. So I was a bit in shock after visiting a store last week…they didn’t have Christina Aguilera’s new album ‘Lotus’ after the official release date!

I follow Christina since 1999. She is an artist that takes the time to record a new album and knows how to deliver. She reinvents herself through her music that represents different eras. ‘Christina Aguilera’ (1999), ‘Stripped’ (2002), ‘Back To Basics’ (2006), ‘Bionic’ (2010) and ‘Lotus’ (2012) all show a new style.

Christina teamed up for the first time with producer Max Martin for her newest album. He produced the single ‘Your Body’ as well as the song ‘Let There Be Love’. The cd contains also two duets with her co-stars of television show ‘The Voice’, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.

I have heard the album once now, but without giving it the attention it deserves. Tonight I’m going to play it again, this time I’ll pay full attention. All I know is: Christina never disappoints! 😀


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