Why not?!

The Hague was the city I had to visit today. I had an appointment with Club Movers ‘n Shakers to see what I can do for them as volunteer. It was really nice to speak with someone who shares the passion for dance! I hope I can help promote the club with organizing activities. Who knows what will happen and where it will lead me!

My motto nowadays is kind of ‘Why not? What do I have to lose?’ A lot has happened the past few weeks and life is too short to be ‘careful’. It made me think about the guy I met during my search for the train guy. We talked about life and the situations we were in. So today I decided to ring his doorbell again!

I didn’t have to ring though. He was on the street walking towards me! I noticed him and waved. He was surprised, again, to see me. He never thought he would see me ever again. Apparently I have an awfully bad timing because he had a lot of cleaning to do and could use a helping hand. Great…!

I helped him moving some stuff, since he needed to make some room to fix his electricity, and we had lunch. Off course we talked about life and he asked about the guy, if I ever heard from him…Nope, but I explained my train girl project to him and he finds it really nice!

This time we exchanged personal information. Maybe I have a new friend 😉


One thought on “Why not?!

  1. Zo leuk om te lezen hoe jij de wereld in kijkt. Anderen (waaronder ikzelf) verklaren je voor gek om bij een wildvreemd iemand naar binnen te gaan. Maar zoals jezelf zegt, I’m fun 🙂
    En ok, nu was het geen wildvreemde meer, je was immers al een keer binnen geweest.

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