Gotta love the train, gotta love Amsterdam

I have no clue, but can it be that travelling by train makes me happy? Let me try to overthink this while telling you my latest Train Girl adventure…

As you know I travel by train often. Yesterday I took the train to Amsterdam once again and at the moment of arrival someone approached me… It took me by surprise because I was on my way out and didn’t expect to ‘meet’ anybody. It was a sunny day so I was wearing my sunglasses. As I walked up the stairs some guy was staring down at me and was pretty amazed I guess since he said that I was really good looking.

I felt a bit uncomfortable but thanked him for the compliment. He told me that he doesn’t give compliments very soon, so it was an honor he did. “You must be Hindu then”, he continued. “Nope”, I answered. “Pakistani?” “No” again. And then he apologized. I didn’t tell him where I come from…I love it when people have a hard time guessing where I’m from 😀 And besides that, I never ask people about their origin unless they start talking about it. It’s not relevant to me…you are who you are.

What’s keeping me busy is the question ‘Whyyyyyyy am I that easy to approach?’ Maybe that’s my power!? I found the next quote by Roald Dahl and think this one could be a valid explanation 😉 ‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.’ So far I stick to that!


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