I ♥ Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam last Thursday to spend some time with a friend. I had to carry a lot of luggage with me because I wouldn’t be home for 4 days, so I wasn’t quite looking sexy in my opinion. I was wearing my sunglasses, a tunic, tights, boots and jacket and was walking with my trolley and backpack. My outfit didn’t match with my accessories but that doesn’t mind in Amsterdam!

They thing I love about Amsterdam is that you can wear anything combined with everything and no one would even care. Nothing is strange, stupid or weird. Oke, people might think this, but to say that out loud is something else. You’re free to wear what you want and how you want.

Maybe it’s the sunshine that attracts people. I must admit that I kind of look like a celebrity when wearing my sunglasses 😀 But it was so nice to be approached by someone who told me that I had a stunning look! I reminded him of Annie Lennox and the song ‘Keep Young and Beautiful’. I thanked him off course, and said that I knew the singer but didn’t know the song. I told the man, he was a bit older 😉 that I would search for it on YouTube.

He made my day by giving a compliment!


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