Project Penelope

Last night I applied for a job contest called ‘Searching for Penelope’ (Op zoek naar Penelope). For me it’s a dream job! PNOzorg, a Dutch health insurance company for the creative industry, offers it. Penelope is the fictitious person that represents this job. I decided to apply because I have nothing to lose, so why not give it a try? For the contest you have to promote yourself through social media to obtain votes…and if there is one thing I really hate, it is asking for help! And, on top of that, the 8 persons with the most votes go to the next round, they do have 2 wild cards to hand out though. The application form was online and I had to write down my life motto, a motivation and a pitch. My motivation is public so people can vote for me. I’m Penelope188.

People are really competitive. Tonight I tweeted to @opzoeknaarpenelope, the official Twitter account of ‘Searching for Penelope’, that I had adjusted my LinkedIn account regarding my participation in the contest. It appeared on the official website of the contest and as effect someone tweeted, I clicked on her Twitter account by chance, that she saw a Penelope tweeting about updating her LinkedIn profile…that was me off course, and continued to her followers that she did that on the first day.

A couple of weeks ago I have read the following quote: “When you concentrate on improving yourself – you’ll have no time to criticize others.” You can recognize this in the election campaigns, but is also applicable to the situation I just described. I have learned that you have to focus on yourself and never, during a campaign or other kind of promotion, depreciate others. Also, don’t judge somebody because most of the time you don’t know the reason behind their action.

Well, at least she is paying attention to me and I don’t know why. I take it as a compliment 😀 I do want to conclude with a quote I find of great value. It’s from Dawson’s Creek and I think I have shared it before, but it is an important one! I will always keep this in mind: “No matter where life takes you — big cities, small towns — you will inevitably run across small minds. People who think they are better than you, people who think that being pretty or popular automatically makes you a worthwhile human. None of these things matter as long as you have a strength of character, integrity . . . sense of pride. So when you meet someone for the first time, don’t judge them by their situation in life, because you never know, they may end up being your very best friend.”


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