First trip by train & Dutch railways ‘Heartbeats’ (NS Hartkloppingen)

Yesterday I made the first official trip by train announced in advance on the Train Girl Facebook-page and Twitter. I’m still finding out how to work with it. In the first instance I linked these accounts, but it’s not always efficient since Twitter has only space for 140 characters.

So I was wearing my special made t-shirt and stepped into the train…but there was hardly anyone in my compartment! Maybe it was because I didn’t take the train that would stop at Schiphol Airport, but still…Oke, it was more than two hours after rush hour. The closer I came to my destination the less people there were on the train. I have to say, my destination was sort of in the middle of nowhere 😀 Now I had the time to read the paper and to my surprise I read that the NS (Dutch railways) is renewing their ‘NS Hartkloppingen’ (NS heartbeats) initiative!

This initiative will return in digital form on Facebook. It used to be a header in their magazine. I already have checked out the Facebook-page and the reactions are very positive. This is one of the reasons why I started with Train Girl. My ‘heartbeat’ experience was the cause but once I looked back at it I realized that it meant so much more. It’s the fun and unexpected side of travelling by train that can take you by surprise.

Too bad my travels yesterday weren’t that much fun. It was rush hour when I travelled back to Leiden and observed a lot of distance. People were reading, talking on the phone, working (on their laptop) or listening to music. Most of them block you out as well by putting their bag on the seat next or opposite to them. I find it amusing to watch what people are doing because most of the time I don’t have internet (on my phone) and no book or Ipod with me. So it’s just me, able to dream away or have a nice chat…


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