Received invitation for Dutch talkshow

I still don’t know how television programs are able to find me, but I guess Twitter is the magic word. Friday night I received a message that I had a new follower. It was the editorial staff of a Dutch television program.

They wanted to contact me because of the broadcast of the program the next day that they were preparing. The subject of this episode would be the labor market, so I think I was found through my tweets about job seeking, employment and so on. I got the message with the request to DM my phone number, which I did. They promised to call me immediately, but unfortunately they didn’t.

I received a message the next morning that said if I wanted to attend the live broadcast of the program, I just had to let them know. I decided to watch at home.

After the broadcast I was kind of disappointed. I didn’t hear anything new and the focus laid on the age group 45+. Oh, the one new thing I heard was that employers would prefer young people to the elderly because they possess up to date knowledge. Well I wished it were that easy!


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