3 worthy meetings

I had three meetings yesterday; two of them were planned. The first one was at work. Each week we discuss the collected issues. The most important announcement for me was that I delivered work on time and impressed the head of the department by working this fast. So now I know that my drivenness is appreciated.

The second meeting took me by surprise! I was waiting for the train to arrive when I heard somebody talking on the phone. Normally I don’t pay much attention but the guy said the word ‘availability’, a much-mentioned word at my previous job. I turned around and saw that it was an ex-colleague and friend! It was really funny because I talked to him on the phone Monday evening. We both were on our way to Leiden, so this time my train company was a known person.

After having dinner in a rush, I was on the go to Delft for a meeting of Plan. I volunteer for this children’s development organization and we had a lot to talk about. We want to organize several events in The Hague area to enlarge the brand awareness and fundraising. Two of the fellow volunteers know about me trying to track down the train guy and they asked me how it was going. It is amazing that people still ask me about it after almost two months! Unfortunately I had to disappoint them. I still haven’t found him.

But with everyone still so interested in my search I recognize a certain need. I can’t really describe or explain it. It’s more of a feeling. Also these two meetings I had on the train so far, ended with the words ‘It was nice to meet you.’ And besides that, I receive a lot of positive reactions about my (train) experiences lately. So I’m going to take this adventure to a higher level. Want to know what, how, when and why? Stay tuned!


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