Work ethic: Driven

The first official week at my new job has passed. I’m always excited when starting at a new company and meeting new colleagues. The atmosphere and company culture are personally very important to me, because it can make or break the work experience.

They always say that you learn a lot about yourself through/during/in your work. So I got reminded to this wisdom the past few days when I got to hear that I’m working too hard and as result too fast. “Right, what to do?”

It made me think about my mentality. I can’t do things half. I want to make the most of it and get the best out of it. It’s all or nothing. Use time effectively. I know time is precious. Maybe it’s because of my attitude. I just want to DO things: work, volunteer, develop, experience, explore…In short, I’m driven.

It also made me wonder again: am I having too high expectations regarding the working life? Do I use too high standards concerning work? I have no idea. I like being busy and am motivated to get things done. No waiting, no slowing down…ACTION is all I need!


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