The Hague part II

As you could have read, I spread flyers in The Hague last week together with a friend of mine. It was a nice and fun experience but I couldn’t stand the fact that we didn’t ring the bell at those student apartments.

So I had to be in the neighborhood today and decided to go back and ring those doorbells! At first no one opened the door. At the second entrance hall somebody answered and told me that the guy doesn’t live there. She said to me that ‘normal’ people inhabited these apartments… Mmmm right. That explains the information I found on the internet with all the phone numbers. The other two entrance halls I couldn’t enter, great. I walked away the wrong way a little disappointed. When I realized I went the wrong way, I turned around and saw someone standing outside.

I walked towards him, asked if he was familiar with this street and told that I was looking for this guy. And then he said it: “Ohhhh, you are the train girl!” He said that he was asleep but was too curious to see who rang his doorbell 😀 We talked for a while but he didn’t know the boy I have met on the train. Then he started about the dishwashing he still had to do, but was kinda difficult for him because he recently had a car accident which caused cramps in his leg. I found that so sad that I told him that I was willing to help. He was amazed and his reaction was ‘really’? Yeah, why not, I had the time and it started to rain…

So he invited me to his apartment and we talked about life while doing the dishes and listening to music. He said it was nice to meet me because when he first received my flyer he was wondering ‘Who is this girl?’ He told me that I really have the courage to just try this and see where it ends. I had to go after an hour because I had a dinner date with a friend, but still he was so grateful for the help! He gave me a cup of ice cream with a very special spoon of Häagen-Dazs (which I am not allowed to throw away), to thank me. So sweet! Another amazing experience 😀


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