Addiction & Action

This search for the guy in The Hague is a bit of an addiction. Not only for me but also for others. Slowly they start to search and look out with me, it’s just contagious. Some of them want to see me happy, although I can’t tell the cause of this small addiction, but it seems to motivate to take action. Maybe it’s because the guy is so hard to find!

I really have to give credit to two (ex-) students of Leiden University. They are a big help. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am now in my search, which still didn’t lead to any specific results, but they provide me with names of people who have studied (Ancient) History at the University of Leiden. I got to know them through LinkedIn since they popped up when I searched for Ancient History.

In the meantime I have gained 4 more shares on Facebook, I’m having a total of 71 shares now. I wonder how many people I have reached at this moment…who knows? Unfortunately I haven’t received any email on my special made mail address…I have to think about how I can turn that around. And I have some next steps in mind.

To be continued…


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