Yes! I finally received ‘Believe’, the newest album of Justin Bieber. It got delivered to my old address so it has taken more than two months to reach me…

I love music and still prefer hard copy material to digital songs. The excitement of discovering new music while reading the booklet with lyrics, thank you’s and pictures makes me so happy! With the disappearance of the music channel TMF in the Netherlands and MTV focusing on television series, it’s the only thing that’s left that you can really have.

Justin Bieber is an all round entertainer. He can literally do anything: he sings, dances, plays several instruments and writes music! In addition, he is really sweet to his fans and even takes the time to visit them. I watched some interviews of him and he’s funny too! And as far as I can see, he is down to earth. I think he really deserves all the success he has.

I find ‘Believe’ a good sounding record. Justin sounds more mature and has worked with some pretty amazing producers, such as Max Martin and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. The songs featuring other artist, like Nicki Minaj also sound catchy. I do understand why Justin’s music videos have been watched billions of times on YouTube. He is one good-looking boy 😉

He just released the music video for his new track ‘As Long As You Love Me’ featuring Big Sean, which you can watch here! You can find me listening to ‘Believe’ all day 😀


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