When I tell my friends or others about my search and the time and effort I spend on it, they are surprised at first. They have to laugh about, I don’t know, what they think is desperation? Above all, it causes really hilarious situations. The thing is, they take it so seriously. Oke, it’s kind of serious, but it’s fun with a serious edge because I want to make something clear…

This happens when it all has sunk in. They realize I’m showing real guts to go out there and take action, fearlessly. My search is becoming subject of conversations. I get feedback of friends about them talking to others about it. I have heard that men find it romantic and really appreciate it. They would be attracted by it if a girl would do that for them 😉 And what I find the most important…friends start to think about their own behavior…creating awareness.

A friend of mine confessed that she had eye contact with a guy on the train several times. They had to travel the same route and took the same train, but she never talked to him, although she really liked him at first sight. And an ex-colleague went sentimental about the reigning mentality nowadays and asked himself why people weren’t more like us 😉 We talked about this matter and he said, “We live in a rush and don’t pay much attention to others.” He illustrated this with an experience during his holiday when a total stranger said, “enjoy your meal” to him, by which he was pleasantly surprised. He wished people would act more like this, being friendlier and more connected.

So I’m trying to improve myself as well. Last week I talked to someone on the bus, just out of the blue. I’m also connecting with people on LinkedIn, mostly starting with a personal message regarding their membership for the Young & Driven group or for connections that might help me in my search for a job. Their response is positive and they like to receive a message. Besides that, I’ve also approached people concerning my search for the guy on Facebook and LinkedIn. Their response is, well…they are not amused because there is no response at all. This result showed me that I’m really on my own, which is hard to admit to, especially because that is exactly what I like to see otherwise. I’m still wondering why that is…am I that scary? 🙂


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