Connected & Coincidence

When I checked my Twitter account yesterday, I got one tweet from a girl who had seen my flyer although she wasn’t living on the address where I delivered my small poster. But she found my note really sweet and was sure that the boy would react!

While flyers I was also connected with people on the street. I was looking for a street number and we couldn’t find it. So a woman came to the rescue and showed us the way. She wished us luck with finding the place.

And the strangest thing happened yesterday afternoon. I received a Whatsapp message from an unknown number with a question about a performance. I was like “huh? I’m not a sir and have no idea what it is about.” I said to the person on the other end of the line that I wasn’t the right person. He was surprised and didn’t understand it.

But we chatted for a while and I told him that I was surprised as well because I can expect anything now with this search going on. And then he said that he had experienced the same situation. He had met a girl during a trip to an amusement park and didn’t know her name. He had searched Facebook for hours, found her and they are together for over a year now! WOW! What a coincidence that he, right at this moment, was connected with me…

Unfortunately I didn’t receive any tips about the guy I am looking for. I feel a bit disappointed because I think this is the closest I can get. But it is also possible that he is on holiday or with his parents, I don’t know. I hope that his housemates will inform him then and mail me that they indeed know him! So students who have received my flyer and do know him, PLEASE contact me 🙂


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