Flyer action The Hague

Yesterday was the time to target The Hague. I had printed flyers to cover a certain neighborhood in the city, namely one close to the Peace Palace and a police office.

Together with a friend of mine, it was her birthday for that matter :), I travelled to the Burgemeester Patijnlaan in The Hague. I found out on Google maps that the police station resides there. We especially had to look for student apartments. I already did some research and came across a couple of street numbers with more than one person living there.

We started at the crossroad with the Laan Copes van Kattenburch. The first houses had a drawing room so we rang the bell, but nobody came to the door. We decided to drop some flyers in the mailbox 😀 Later we found a lot of houses for senior citizens so we decided to skip those numbers. When we saw the police station we didn’t understand where any students could possibly live! There were many companies, office buildings, a huge police station and houses for sale.

We decided to enter a street by accident, Burgemeester van Karnebeeklaan, because it was the side of the police station. Again many more companies, BUT THEN, at the end of the street, a few student apartments and the fire department were found! This was the exact description the guy told me in the train! The student apartments are situated between the police and the fire department and you can see the Peace Palace from here. This is where he must live, there’s no other way!…We dropped a flyer in every single mailbox and stuck some on the streetlights. There was also a students’ union next to the student apartments, but everything looked so deserted. We also left some flyers at the tram stop and wastebasket at the end of this street.

After our flyer action we went to Scheveningen beach to celebrate my friend’s birthday! 😀 It was about 25 degrees and nice weather to chillax 🙂 I left some flyers in the tram as well and was ready to enjoy the beach ! 😉


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