The importance of your network

Networking seems to be the most effective way to get a job. And most of the time it’s not even your direct connections that can be of great value, but the second and third degree may be even more! You have to tell people that you are looking for a new challenge and they might pass it on.

This week I experienced the power of my network. An ex-colleague told me that his girlfriend found another job so her position came available. I immediately wrote a cover letter and sent my resume to the unemployment agency and landed a job interview! I was really motivated because it’s a job at an international media company. Media companies are young and dynamic and that’s what I really love about the media- and entertainment industry.

The job interview took place yesterday and an hour later I got to know that they were enthusiastic and wanted me to start the next day, which was today. The girlfriend of my ex-colleague trained me and I have learned the activities I have to perform. I have to edit the content for the on demand television channel of Film1.

It’s not a fulltime job so I still keep on searching for another job. But I gain some experience, meet new people and am in the right place. Who knows what it might be good for!


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