Promotion Young & Driven

The “Young & Driven” LinkedIn group has slightly grown this past week as result of some promotion Inti and I did. While surfing LinkedIn I observed that a lot of young, high-educated people find it hard to get a job. I must confess, I agree with them. It is a very difficult time to get an entry-level job, let alone any other job because of over qualification or lack of experience. Some help with the job hunting is much appreciated.

Many starters feel alone and think they are the only one who’s having a hard time finding a job. For all those people: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This is the main reason why Inti and I created “Young & Driven”. You can see the group as a social support group. You can ask questions, start discussions and share your experiences regarding your job-hunt. The nicest thing of all is that you get to know like-minded people. Everybody is young, driven and eager to start his or her professional life.

I have been spotting opportunities lately. I had an appointment at an unemployment agency today and saw the chance to talk about “Young & Driven”. The recruiter was very interested so I invited him to join the group, and he did! This can work for the agency as well; they can use the group as a talent pool.

Anywhere I go and get the chance to promote “Young & Driven”, I will. I want to help the young and high-educated job searchers. It’s going to be hard to launch that job, but it must be possible! Don’t give up!


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