Guerilla operation ‘Train Girl’

The day after my tv/radio performance the number of shares of my picture on Facebook had doubled. But last Thursday I noticed that the counter stopped at 65, some people even unshared my picture! I really appreciate everyone who wanted to help me and that’s why I have written down all the names, well the ones I’m able to see or who contacted me personally.

Now what’s next? I was thinking about the chance that ‘he’ or somebody who knows him has seen my picture. I tried the online environment, used Facebook and Twitter, but have no idea what area has been reached. And Twitter is so different from Facebook. It’s really important to find and use the right hashtags so that people get to see your tweet and are willing to retweet. Besides that, less people are using Twitter, at least the people I know. Within my experiment, Twitter seems to be the best way to reach out to the media so far. That’s how I got invited to ‘Omroep West’.

So I decided to take this experiment to a whole other level. I realized I have to get out there and cover the places he’s familiar with. That is: Leiden and The Hague. Groningen as well, but that’s a bit too far for me 🙂 I already approached people he might be connected with via the internet, but without any result. The time had come to try it offline…

Normally I won’t do this, but to cause some stir I covered some places in Leiden with my story last Friday. I went to Leiden University and put up my picture and story, including a link to my blog for people who are interested in my search and a special made email account, namely 😀 I had a small conversation with a lady at the service desk of the Faculty of Humanities. It was kinda funny. I was asking her where it was allowed to hang up my poster. She asked me what it was for and I answered that it was nothing special but that I am looking for someone. Then she replied with “Oh, who are you looking for?” off course. I had to laugh a little, because that’s the big question and told her that.

I have put up my poster in the cafeteria of the faculty while everybody was staring at me. It was a little scary but I have put aside my shyness and anxiety and did where I came for. I have also been to the secretariat of the History department and the street in front of those two buildings. I walked to Leiden Central Station and put up some more posters on poles and a speed trap camera (not that smart after all). I was on my way to Amsterdam and had two posters left so I left them on the train when I arrived at Amsterdam Central Station. I was so excited because now I had to wait and see if someone would contact me!


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