Positive Attitude

After yesterday’s show I thought for a moment that I might have to cancel this whole search idea. I didn’t receive any reactions, online or offline. But then something happened. I posted a link of me getting mentioned on the website of ‘Omroep West’ below my picture on Facebook, which was shared 30 times at that moment. They had written down my name and the reason of my visit as part of their program. From then on the amount of shares increased! I still don’t understand it. Within 34 hours the number of shares has doubled!

But I did get reactions about the search so far, both positive and negative. I have found people laughing at me, some find my action desperate and others try to discourage me by talking about why HE possibly doesn’t want to be found…I do not care! I clear those thoughts from my mind immediately. It’s the journey that counts. And if I do find him, that would be a more than welcome extra 😉

The positive reactions definitely outweigh the negative ones and that makes it all worth it. Isabelle, the host of the show yesterday, was seriously impressed by my move. She told me that it says a lot about me and shows real character. During the item she described me as really beautiful with very nice black hair, beautiful big brown eyes and pretty teeth! She was also amazed by my charisma and my outfit blew her away as well. I was wearing a pretty blazer that my mom made me. And my friends sometimes write a short sentence when sharing my photo, which makes me laugh so hard! Like, ‘Who can help this sweet girl’, ‘Who helps this rascal through the summer’ or ‘Because she’s such a nice kid’! I really appreciate it that so many people are trying to help me.

Today I received a message on Facebook from a girl I don’t even know! She loved my message, shared my picture and wished me luck! So sweet. That totally made my day. I will continue this positive state of mind!


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