Interview ‘Omroep West’

This morning I appeared as a guest on a radio/tv show of ‘Omroep West’. They expected me at 9 o’clock and when I arrived I got a warm welcome. The hosts of the show were Paul van Berkel and Isabelle Brinkman. I was surprised by her presence because I didn’t know she was hosting. It seemed that the original host was enjoying her summer vacation, but I didn’t mind! I remember Isabelle as VJ of The Music Factory, also known as TMF, in the late ’90’s. I interned there a couple of years after she left the company so we have a mutual former employer.

Isabelle was really exited about my story and she always wanted to do a love item, so it was a pleasure for her as well. I got a three-minute interview with questions about me meeting this guy on the train to The Hague. I had to think and improvise really fast because of the short amount of time, but I did a pretty good job. Both hosts were really nice to me and felt involved in my search.

The listeners could call in if they recognized him in my story. I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I didn’t expect him to call 😉 It was way too early and I don’t think a lot of young people listen to this regional radio station. But you never know, maybe a connection of him would call…Unfortunately no one called. I waited for almost one and a half hour and then decided to leave and go back home.


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