Take a risk. Dare to move. Be different.

One year ago I was in Athens, Ohio for a three week Business Course at Ohio University for Sogeti. I was sent there as Young Professional to work on my personal development. It was a save and protected learning environment meant to amplify personal qualities and to go after set goals.

One of the infamous slogans during this period was ‘Don’t be careful out there.’ They, the faculty members and our coaches, wanted us to not be afraid of taking risks. Just do whatever you want and see what happens, don’t hold back because you’re afraid to fail. It was allowed to fail and maybe even desirable because you learn the most from your mistakes.

I’m keeping this lesson in the back of my head lately, just like the other useful saying I have learned: ‘Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.’ I expel all the assumptions in my head about what could happen…if…and so on. Or make up excuses to act or behave a certain way. I’m listening to my heart now and what feels right and simply follow, not knowing where it will lead me. I try to stay true to my heart and my intuition, I’m striving for purity.

I have to admit, it’s a bit scary but I can tell you this: it definitely feels good. As if it sets me free, no restraints. This blog and the things I’m undertaking nowadays show you who I am peace by peace. The actions I describe reflect my strong characteristics and my interests inform you where I stand for.

It’s the small things you do that makes you unique!


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