Flirting with social media

So here’s a quick update about my big search. After a week of circulation, my picture got 25 shares. It didn’t go that fast, so after 3 days I decided to use Twitter as well. But unfortunately there were only 2 people who retweeted my tweet, including picture. Today I made some progress, but still without any result.

It’s pretty hard to find someone through social media when you don’t have a name. I emailed ‘Radio 538’ to ask if they were willing to help me, no response. I have written a tweet to ‘Omroep West’ and as effect someone viewed my LinkedIn profile. The last action I tried was approaching a boy on LinkedIn…I thought it could possibly be him…but he was not the guy I’m looking for, though he has many connections in Leiden and Groningen so he was going to share my picture on Facebook! And we’re connected on LinkedIn now. So this search has several benefits! I get to meet new people and get connected to them, totally unexpected. He loved the story and was impressed by my drive so really wanted to help me! So sweet! I want to thank all the people who have shared my picture on Facebook so far. I will keep on going with the search; you never know where it might end up…


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