National Television

Late research results show that the unemployment under recent graduates is much higher than a couple of years ago. This alarming news was broadcasted today. But I already knew about this news because Inti (co-initiator of the Young & Driven LinkedIn group) received a call from the NOS, the Dutch broadcasting service, yesterday. They wanted to make a video-item about the increasing unemployment under graduates for the ‘NOS Journaal’ the next day. They were looking for graduates (up to 2 years ago) who are still searching for a job or who are working below their education level and after they did some research on the Internet they found Inti. She was pleasantly surprised because she thought she had to do much more promotion for the “Young & Driven” group. So she posted the news on Facebook and LinkedIn to let us know about the opportunity to talk about ‘our’ situation on television!

I’m one of the persons who contacted the editor of the ‘NOS Journaal’ and later that afternoon I got a call back that they wanted to do an interview with me. I was pretty excited! Now I had to think what to wear because it would be broadcasted nationwide so I needed to make a good impression. Maybe someone would notice me and offer me a job, you’ll never know! So today I was preparing and then it happened: one hour before the interview would take place I received a call that the interview was cancelled! I was so disappointed! But there is nothing I could do about it.

Unemployment is a hot topic nowadays and people are becoming more aware of it. So I think it’s a good idea to continue running the group on LinkedIn and involve more people in discussions about the job-hunting process! And maybe you will see/hear us on tv or radio in the future!


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